Stay Safe, Play Safe

Health Safety Guidelines

Stowe Bowl has started our journey to re-opening! We are now accepting reservations as of July 3, 2020. When we re-open here are the procedures that will be in place to protect our staff and visitors. 

  • Limited contact points such as use of bowling balls. Ball size will be provided by a staff member if it is not already present on rack.
  • Complete sanitization of every lane and table after use (bowling balls, tables, couches, bowling monitors).
  • Tables and lanes will be available according to social distancing guidelines.
  • Frequent sanitzation of public touch points such as counters, railings, door handles and bathroom surfaces.
  • For the time being we are accepting credit card payment only.
  • We ask that you keep a 6′ minimal distance from other players and staff when possible.
  • Staff members will be wearing masks or standing behind plexi-glass shields. 
  • Please wear a mask whenever in close proximity to other persons. You may remove mask when seated at your lane or table.
  • We encourage you to wash your hands before and after your bowling session and/or before eating/drinking.
  • Final sanitzation of all surfaces at the end of the shift.